Karen Harlow

Dear Radek,
Thank you for an incredible training weekend. Firstly, the venue was beautiful, the Pension and facilities were excellent and the food was delicious.  The  planning of the weekend was without fault.  It was all very easy to follow.
The group that I joined was the best.  The mix of training, humour, support and encouragement was addictive and, as a group, we worked well together. We also laughed a lot and drowned a little bit - together!
Your care towards us, your attention to detail, your direction - it was all done with kindness, humour and clarity (and I very much appreciated your English direction, thank you).  The video analysis was so helpful and interesting. I think we all went to bed that night thinking and dreaming about elbows, hands and streamlining!  You had so much patience and you really took the time to explain to each of us what we did well and how we can improve.  It was a completely positive experience and, personally, I feel more determined to work harder and do better.  
In summary, I am excited and uplifted by the experience.  Best place, best people, best Coaches.  My feedback is keep doing what you are doing.  You deliver a high-quality service which gives real results, it brings people together in such a positive way.  You and your colleagues are 100% trusted as Coaches, and your teaching technique and formula is effective and easy to follow (harder to do..!). 
Going forward, if your aim is to expand your business, you may want to consider opening your services to the foreign community in Prague.  People will come I'm sure of it.  If you need help with English language and I can be of service, please let me know.
For the moment, thank you for letting me join.  It was challenging for me and I loved every minute - I felt euphoric at the end of the camp.  I now have a better understanding of how hard these athletes have to work to achieve what they do; the level of commitment they put into their sport is formidable.  I also appreciate how much work goes into organising training weekends!
You have my respect Sir.  Big thanks to you and to Honza.
Warmest wishes

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